Nowadays one must keep up to date with what is trending and new on the market. It is crucial as event planners that we also keep our events unique and up to date when event planning. There are many things that PLANIT would like to see in the future at events.

Have a read of the top 5 trends that we hope progress into the future of events:


Wearable technology such as smart watches or Google Glass is becoming more and more popular amongst people. It is important that we as event managers cater for this trend and incorporate wearable technology into all of our events. Basic information such as travel directions or event agenda updates are crucial aspects of event planning that can be used by event planners through wearable technology.


Majority of all ticket sales happen online. Therefore it is time that event organizers move from only selling tickets at the door to using an online event registration software. This will and can increase ticket sales as most people find it more convenient to buy the tickets there and then when they are researching about the event.


Virtual reality is another new form of technology that PLANIT hopes to see at future events. Virtual information booths at conferences and meetings are the newest trends. By incorporating both wearable technology and virtual reality into your events you will be sure to have attendees fully engaged and immersed into this new event experience.


Event management teams who are able to provide attendees with an online place where they can interact with one another online can really augment their experience before, during and after an event. Attendees are already engaging with one another online so why not create an event app for your event or offer some other digital experience to them.


Registered attendees want to be updated regularly about event agendas, speakers etc. It is important that they receive all this information digitally as majority of them are constantly online. Having an option for e-tickets at your events simply isn’t enough and should be a must have anyways if your not already doing it.

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