Last week, on May 5th, PLANIT attended its second Google Business Breakfast in the Foundry Stage at the Google Headquarters, Dublin. There were a number of interesting insights given by Laura Bracken (Insights Lead, EMEA Brand Evangelist & Executive Strategy Team) on the day.

The information session was about turning data into insight. This is a huge topic that has been coming up time and time again. Data is a major issue nowadays in terms of trying to keep it secure and figuring out what to do with large amounts of it. Before analyzing any amount of data, Laura Bracken talked about focusing on the ‘Five Golden Rules’:

  1. Data as an Insight
  2. Set yourself a hypothesis and look to prove or disprove it
  3. Don’t reinvent the wheel Google may have already done it for you
  4. Even when you have found nothing you have found something
  5. Keep your finger on the pulse

These rules allow for businesses not to get distracted by the interesting insights and allow them to hone in on the crucial information that they have set out to strategically look for. However, do take note of these insights, as they may prove useful in the future.

One valuable piece of advice that PLANIT goes by is it that it truly doesn’t matter how much data you have, its knowing what to do with it and how to get it to the right people, other wise it is useless. So focus on what you want to achieve from analyzing your data and get the information to the right people.

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