1: Save a date ASAP
Summer is the main holiday season. To ensure as many of your guests can attend your event distribute save a date and inform your guests the earliest you can.

2: Don’t skimp out of the invitations:
Invitations creates guests first impressions of what is to come. Unique & eye catching invites will help get your guests excited about the event and by keeping your invites in the same theme, colour scheme etc. will give your guests a clue on what to expect on the big day.

3: Don’t forget about colour:

Bright colours like yellows, pinks & oranges are perfect and very fitting for a summer event. Incorporate the happy, feel good colours into elements of your event & bring your event to life

4: Weather:
Yes it is summer, but don’t forget that Ireland’s weather can be very unpredictable so if planning an outdoor event such as a company BBQ a contingency plan is vital. Have backup Marquees or indoor options on standby in case the rain decides to arrive on the big day.

5: Set guests expectations:

It is important to communicate and let all of your guests know details of the event such as dress code, event times, plus one & child restrictions and logistical details to ensure that all guests are party ready.

For more tips or if you require assistance choosing your perfect venue contact the PLANIT team on 01 2011850