For any of you who work in the industry you will be aware of how much time, attention, detail and organisation goes into each specific event. No two events are ever going to be exactly the same, but the thought process behind them is. Here are the top tips we consider for ultimate event success, every time.

Value your contacts

Networking is vital in this industry – the contacts you make and relationships you build are invaluable. Look at any event planners phonebook and you will see proof of this expansive network – You never know when you may need to call on someone or what you may need them for! We’ve all received strange requests from clients at one point or another – having someone in mind who you can call on to give you a dig out is indispensable!

Many hands make a successful event

It’s always better to have too many people assigned to a job than too little. Forget about budgets, if you want the job done properly – decide how many staff you need and do not sacrifice the success of the event and future business for the sake of a few euro.

Follow Trends and evolve them

Keep up to date with emerging trends and ways of doing things. Everyone else in the industry may be doing it and you may not want to follow suit but if you don’t conform you run the risk of being branded passé. Put your teams own creative flair on these trends, evolve and grow them and catapult yourself miles ahead of competitors.
Feedback is your friend

Welcome feedback. Good or bad, all is constructive and will help you make your next event even better than the last. Feedback provides you with a reality check of your event which will be vital for post event evaluation. The best lessons are learnt from mistakes and you can be sure that if you make a mistake once it will never be made again.

Expect the unexpected

No matter how over-prepared you are for an event, always expect the unexpected. Things go wrong, the weather and human beings are the most unpredictable things on this planet but if you have a backup plan in place things can swiftly be resolved before anyone even realises there is a problem.

We hope you have found this blog informative and wish you the best of luck planning and executing memorable and exciting events for your clients!