The Benefits of Live-Streaming, and Going Global

There is something magical about those events that only come around once every few years. There are so many: world cups, Olympics, epic music festivals, royal weddings, and elections. Once upon a time, all you had to remember these moments in history are photographs in the newspapers the next day, and stories from the people who were there. But it’s 2018 now, and with the dramatic and innovative evolution of technology, major, international, events that were once just distant happenings are now closer than they have ever been.

Live-streaming has revolutionised the way we engage with major events, and the way event organisers and participants engage with an audience that reaches far beyond the boundaries of what they can see. With the advance of mobile and streaming technologies, a music festival that was once limited to the people who had access, is now accessible by fans and supporters all over the world.

And the benefits of streaming your event right into someone’s cell phone on the other side of the world are numerous.

Everything In Real Time

Streaming your events offers the audience an opportunity to engage meaningfully, as the event is happening. This is particularly evident in the world of sports, where live-streamed finals are some of the most enthusiastic and interactive events across the globe. There’s certainly something special about the tension of watching a board of points update in real time.

More recently, the song competition Eurovision was broadcast live, across every platform, including your mobile. Anyone could tune in for the reading of the final scores, from anywhere (including the bath, and who wouldn’t want that?). Making events accessible is a great way to expand the reach, and live-streaming into someone’s pocket increases the size of the audience exponentially.

Angles Make The Shot

If you’re a fan of live music, you’ll know that key to your enjoyment of the performance is finding the perfect place to stand, and dance, and watch the show. If you manage to find a good spot, everything is perfect. But if you don’t find a good spot, you’ll spend more time being elbowed by people walking past, looking for a better spot.

With streaming though, there’s none of that, plus a dozen angles and close-ups nobody in the audience is getting. And if you’re one of those people who have to count their pennies and don’t make it to the actual event, you won’t be missing out any longer. This year’s best example of that is the extraordinary filming job done on Coachella, and particularly Beyoncé’s performance — the truth of that performance is that the best view was from right at the front, or from in your kitchen. A tremendous amount of work goes into filming and streaming a live performance, but it pays-off in an experience that makes all of the audience breathless with the same excitement.

See All Of It

One of the joys of live-streaming is that it expands the scope of what the audience can engage with. This comes in handy with events where there is a lot happening, like at the Olympics, or a massive music festival like Download. There’s always lots to see, but the realities of two legs and time constraints (and, in some cases, ticket prices) cannot be ignored and sometimes, you end up missing things. Streaming all of these events means that audiences at home have much more variety to choose from. You can watch as many track and field events, and live performances, as you like when the entire events is the click of a button away.

Everyone Was There

Perhaps the most incredible benefit of live-streaming is its ability to make whoever is watching feel like they are right at the event.  It’s another way to make memories, to bring iconic moments of the modern age home. It’s a way of leaving an impression on the global consciousness.

The most memorable event of the last few years, the royal wedding between Prince Harry and his partner Meghan Markle. There’s something really special about this particular event, and something equally special about feeling like you were there, and watching all the fabulously-dressed guests walk onto the carpet, and the happy couple as they said “I do”. Live-streaming has the ability to capture collective imaginations and attentions of an international audience, and make them remember it for years to come.

Sometimes, folks want to attend their favourite event, but life comes along and stops you from doing that. Outside of its multiple benefits when it comes to the quality and impression of the experience, live-streaming means that nobody is missing out anymore, whether you’re watching the event from the comfort of your couch, or you’re filming the event and sending it right into the audience’s lounge.

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