Here are PLANITs top team building ideas for your team

1. Music & Rhythm Activities

Everybody loves music! So why not have some bonding time with your team and go to a karaoke bar or venue. Music is a great way to release energy and relieve stress for your employees after a busy week.

2. Interactive Business Games

Team building is all about interacting with one another. Interactive business games such as role play or business case scenarios are a fantastic way to get the minds of your team thinking and interacting with one another.

3. Innovation

Innovation is a great way to get your team thinking. Split into teams and have each team come up with a new invention for something. Getting the minds creative can be difficult for some employees, so this is a great task to allow them to use this part of the brain while helping out others on the team.

4. Active & Adventure

Sitting an office all day can be very exhausting for your employees. Doing an active incentive or an outdoor activity is a great way to get outside and have fun together. Activities such as rock climbing or zip lining are great ways to experience the outdoors together.

5. Community & Environment

Team building is a great way to come together. It is so important to be able to work together in and out of an office environment. A team building exercise such as a sponsored charity walk or run together is a great way to give back and work together while doing so.