Kids and adults alike will love this fun theme. It engages all guests, bringing them into the swashbuckling fun over delicious food and games.

Outdoor Theater

Work with a company who can set up a large white screen and projector so that you can play a video or movie as entertainment, or stream live photos from the picnic as it is happening.


Hire a band, DJ or community music group. Incorporate music into all of your activities and games as well.  You could even feature an all-employee band.


Gather up your staff for some Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em, Roulette and Craps. Everyone will have fun wagering and winning tickets or fake money to turn in for prizes at the end of the picnic.

Kid-Friendly Picnic Themes

These picnic themes are very kid-friendly. They are great for companies with tons of young families, giving the children plenty of opportunities to play with each other and interact while the adults also enjoy themselves. We like these picnic themes because without a doubt we, the adults, always seem to have just as good a time participating in the “kid” activities as the kids do.


Definitely a crowd favorite, a sports theme gives you infinite options for participation in games and activities: football, softball, volleyball, relay races, and golf swings, to name a few.  Sports-themed picnics can have any type of picnic food, but traditional sports arena foods—burgers, hot dogs, chicken breast, veggie burger—are best.


There are tons of small carnival games to play at company picnics. In addition to offering carnival activities, you could also give tickets to participants and let them pick out prizes, just like the real carnival.


The activities will make this theme a complete blast. If you expect a lot of children, consider having ponies for short rides. Serve BBQ brisket, baked beans, corn and watermelon at this picnic.

Mardi Gras

Splash your picnic with tons of yellow, green and purple, and make sure to have plenty of sparkles, sequins and mystery. Serve up some colorful and delicious frozen drinks with this theme.


Circus foods are the most fun foods of all—cotton candy, peanuts, popcorn, ice-cream cones, pretzels and corndogs, for example. Adults and kids will love impressive acrobatic street performances as much as they will love the food.