The economy is constantly changing and forever moving towards a more digital world. 2017 will be the year where the events industry sees many technological changes such as drone streaming, virtual reality, sharing economy, real time data and touchable tech. Find out more about these top 5 trends bellow.

  1. Drone Streaming

Nowadays, everything is about live streaming. From Facebook Live to Instagram Live everything is constantly being watched live. Drone streaming for 2017 is going to be a massive trend for the events industry. Attendees can get a live birds eye view of the event footage directly on their smart phone device. It is super easy to use and to set up. The drone can follow the event and allow guests to see it from a unique viewpoint.

  1. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is going to take the events industry by storm this year. People will be able to have virtual experience of an event without actually attending it. VR is the interaction between an online and offline experience. It will showcase live images, sounds and video for the consumer. It will augment reality and change the way events are executed.

  1. Sharing Economy

The sharing economy will impact and evolve events in 2017. Events will act as a meeting point for the sharing economy. It will change the business model of traditional events. However, it will be more cost efficient, logical and provide convenience for attendees and even hosts.

4. Real Time Data

Data is going to soar in 2017. Real time data from event apps, beacons and registration will provide event planners with real and accessible results. From assessing the number of tickets sold to viewing sales over time to viewing attendance stats, processing real data will enable the ability to capture real-time insights for event planners. It will allow event planners and companies to analyse and identify trends and patterns at their events.

5. Touchable Technology

Touchable and wearable technology will force the events industry to up their game with many tech innovators and early adopters using wearable technology to gain entrance to an event. Currently, entrance to the event is done by smartphones, however this year will see a big increase in wearable wrist technology.

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