1. Christmas Decorating Contest

Kick off the festivities at beginning of December, and have a Christmas decorating contest. Have everyone in the office decorate their desk or office space. Give everyone the brief on Monday, and deadline is Friday to complete. On Friday judge who wins. Have an overall prize for the Winner. This will get everyone into the Christmas spirit nice and early, and create a festive atmosphere.

2. Christmas Jumper/ Santa Hat Day

Designate one Friday in December where everyone has to wear a Christmas Jumper or Santa’s hat for the day.

3. Office Raffle & Charity

Over the month of December, host an office raffle. Choose a charity, which the money will go to at the end of the raffle. Prizes that can be won are: an extra ½ day off work or a one for all voucher etc. The ideas are endless!!

4. Christmas Interactive Quiz

Have a Christmas quiz at your office party. Get into teams and while waiting for your courses play the quiz.

5. Christmas Go Karting

This is a great idea to get out of the office and have some fun for one afternoon.

6. Break the tradition

Give your employees something to look forward to. Dinners year after year can get boring. So change things up and make sure it is something that everyone can do.

7. Turn it into a family event

Work can be a stressful time for everyone in December, by incorporating families into the Christmas event it allows everyone to join in with the festivities and fun.

8. Take it out of the office

Make sure and have your Christmas gathering outside of the office or elsewhere in the building. The month of December can be a hectic time for everyone in work. Having the event elsewhere allows for people to relax and doesn’t give them the temptation to check last minute emails.

9. Timing

Try and schedule your Christmas office event when it suits everyone. Remember it doesn’t always have to be a night out, it can be a lunch instead or outside office team building activity.


PLANIT’s last but not least tip, is to have fun. Christmas is the one time a year where most offices only get the chance to go out. Make sure and relax and switch off from things related to work.