PLANIT are a concept management and production team who take pride in offering not only a service that seeks to exceed your exceptions, but also one that holds a true sense of versatility and adaptability when it comes to building and property launches.
We can develop a strong understanding of the target audience and unlock the potential of your location to deliver an awe-inspiring production that will drive awareness and ultimately secure the success of your development.
Over the past 20 years we have witnessed how construction design has become an evolving fashion and so a new release into the sales arena has a need to reflect this. The service PLANIT provides looks to enhance the newsworthiness of your development, through the use of staged consciousness events using eye catching concepts aimed at encouraging awareness and purchasing enthusiasm. Our thoroughness and attention to detail has developed our services in a bid to offer a package of skills that will leave you feeling spoilt for choice! PLANIT have the account management team, innovative designers, skilled craftsmen and booking facilities to suit all budgets and imaginations! We carefully consider budgets, as we know that every event is an investment for you and your company. Our years of knowledge and experience enables us to select the best and most trusted venues and suppliers and guarantee you the best quality and service.