When it comes to marketing and promotion our approach is to combine our years of in-depth industry knowledge and creative thinking with a sound understanding of our clients brand and values to develop its most compelling key messages. We provide powerful promotional marketing and brand campaigns right across the country with precise scheduling and meticulous attention to detail. We love the unexpected, but don’t believe in surprises. A successful promotional roadshow can only happen with months of planning behind the scenes. We believe in keeping you the client involved in every step of the planning process from idea conception to implementation to post activation analysis. It’s a formula that we have found works well, so why change what’s not broken! Each roadshow is led by an experienced Event Manager backed by our production team who maintain complete control over the production process ensuring all aspects of brand, guest experience, content delivery and technical production work perfectly to enhance the delivery of your brand’s direct message. We also have access to the very best brand ambassadors and promotional staff who are trained to embody your brand and connect with your potential and existing customers in a personal, charming manner.