At every event it is important to consider the layout of the venue. This includes the various rooms that will be in use and the seating arrangements for guests. It is important that you step into the mind frame of an attendee and ensure that the layout is suitable and the right choice for that specific event.


Here are some tips on different room layout styles:


  1. Theatre Layout

A theatre layout is usually popular for large-scale vents such as conferences or formal presentations. It is great for speakers who are talking or presenting to a large audience. However, some attendees dislike this layout as it allows for very little interaction with other attendees.


  1. Classroom Layout

A classroom layout is often used for smaller events such as training courses, workshops and interactive seminars. Attendees tend to like this layout as allows them to network with other attendees, as well as to take notes and ask the speakers questions.


  1. Banquet Layout

A banquet layout is often a series of round tables that consist of 8, 10 or 12 people on each of them depending on the size of the tables and room. This layout is usually used for gala dinners or evening events with a seating plan. Attendees tend to find this layout quite restricting, as they are limited to a certain amount of people at their table and may want to interact with other attendees or a speaker.

  1. Cabaret Layout

A cabaret layout is usually for award shows or for a more interactive environment such as training workshops. The layout allows attendees to have a clear view of the speaker or presentation area. Attendees like this as they feel that they can interact more with the speaker.


  1. U Shape Layout

Tables and chairs are laid out similar to the shape of the letter U. The center point or top is usually the open end for a speaker and is usually the place where the attendees face. This layout is popular for meetings and presentations, as it allows the speaker or manager to easily interact with all attendees or employees.


  1. Cocktail Reception Layout

A cocktail reception layout tends to have no layout and usually is a standing environment for attendees. This layout is recommended for shorter events such as networking sessions and drinks receptions.


There are many different layouts that one can choose for an event. It is just important that you go with the one that is the best layout for the venue and the attendees.


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