Did you know that January is International Creativity Month?

Founded by Randall Munson, Creativity Month is all about the power of creativity in our lives. Whether it’s for work or play, creativity is the key to unlocking the best solutions to your challenges.

For those of us who work in creative fields, this month is also about acknowledging how tough it can be to keep the creative mojo flowing all the time!

Event planning and management is no different. From major holidays, to weddings, birthdays, and corporate brand events of all kinds – our job requires us to juggle creative hats constantly. Here are a few ways to get the creative flame burning for 2018:

Make a change

This might be difficult if you work in an office but one of the best ways to kickstart your creative thinking is to work somewhere new – the busier, the better! Ideas come from observing and interacting with the world, so get outside and do some interacting.

If you can’t, then change something else about your work routine and space. Talk to someone new. Find content like new podcasts and books to spark ideas. Even a small change like sitting at a different desk can help with brainstorming.

Free thinking

Often when we try to think up new concepts and campaigns, we dismiss our own ideas before they’re even out of the gate. In your next brainstorm session, try what we call ‘free thinking’. Write, doodle, or talk without censoring your own ideas. If it pops into your head, put it on the page!

Take a step further and share your free thinking page of ideas with your colleagues, and see if they have anything to add or expand on.

Collaborative vision boards

These can be a literal pinboard in your office or a digital space but collaborative vision boards are a good way to get ideas flowing and to save time.

We’ve all been in the brainstorms and meetings that don’t yield any results because people simply don’t have any ideas at the time! A collaborative board means that your team can add ideas and suggestions in their own time and build on the work put up by others. Quotes, pictures, comments, and scribbles are all welcome. At the end of the week, set up a review session to refine what you have into a creative brief.

What are your tips and tricks for getting into the creative spirit?