One thing that the PLANIT Event Management team has really noticed is the importance of social media at any event today. Social media is everywhere nowadays and is something that event management companies need to embrace.

Social media will increase your brand awareness at events by 78% and tells customers that you are active and focused on connecting with them through communicating on various platforms. It is important that they know you are there to interact with them directly and that you build a positive online reputation with them.

Setting up a unique and memorable event hashtag is a great way for attendees to connect and find relevant event information posted by you or other attendees. The hashtag also allows you to see if attendees are enjoying your event as well as what they are saying about it from online conversations. They can ask questions about the event and also share any interesting social messages.

However, although social media can benefit an event in many ways, it is important to make sure that it is monitored careful and that any negative feedback is responded to efficiently. Over the past 2 or 3 years, we have seen many brands undergo major social media and PR disasters. Many brands have lost out on some valuable customers due to something that was said back to them over social media or something that was put up with out their permission.

This is why it is crucial that at every event you have a social media strategy to engage with attendees in the right way and to more importantly tell a story with social media. It is important to get attendees permission if any filming of the event is to take place, as well as to limit phone activity when important speakers or talks are taking place.

Social media can play such a huge part at your event but make sure that it is executed in the right way and more importantly don’t let it take over the whole event either!

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