Halloween is not just for kids! Year on year we are seeing an increase in clients wanting do something a little bit different and quirky to celebrate Halloween in their offices.

More often than not we find that it is the simplest of gestures that gain the greatest momentum in the work place – something a little different to break up the work day.

Fancy Dress Friday

Most importantly only bring what you can afford to lose. There is no way you can make a tent fully secure & Mark valuables with name and your address so it can be posted back to you if it is found/handed in.

Pumpkins at the ready

Get creative with a lunchtime pumpkin carving competition! Make sure to organise it in the canteen though as there could be pumpkin pulp and seeds flying as competitive natures are revealed!

Witchy Desk Drop

Everyone loves coming into the office to find a little surprise on their desk or better still receiving a sweet treat when they least expect it halfway through the work day! Halloween desk drops are great fun, especially when they are orchestrated by a very convincing witchy character!


Have a milestone celebration coming up around Halloween? Why not combine both celebrations and have a masquerade themed gala ball! A step up from fancy dress Friday masquerade balls are elegant and festive but still technically a costume party.

Popcorn Party

A vacant meeting room, blackout blinds, a projector, some bean bags and lots of goodies – a Halloween themed afternoon at the movies will go down a treat! Either choose a specific time for the screening or have it running through the day where people can pop in and out – different schedules suit different industries! (Hocus Pocus is always a good shout in terms of movie choice!)