Without question, we’ve all experienced end of year burnout — it’s no stranger. A lot of us folks, especially those who work in industries that tend to thrive and flourish around the end of year festive celebration, tend to look towards end of year burnout as something more or less inevitable.

Which doesn’t at all have to be the case! It’s not to say burnout can be easily avoided; the world is a stressful place. But there are a number of things you can do, some small, some bigger, that can really have an effect on your energy and motivation levels as the year draws to a close. If you are of the opinion that you should not be feeling tired, drained, and utterly spent when December comes calling, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put our heads and collective experience together, and came up with a couple of habits and small lifestyle shifts that can definitely bolster you when it comes to end of year burnout, and maybe keep you away from the dreaded collapse, and see you through the festive season with a smile on your face!

Still, the thought of organising an event like this, whether large or small, can be overwhelming. Which is why we’ve come together and provided some of our favourite tips and tricks to deploy when you’re planning everything out.

Seriously, Slow Down

We’ve definitely all heard this one before, from multiple different sources, all saying the same basic thing: you can’t be going at full throttle all the time. It’s the easiest way to exhaust yourself long before you should be feeling anything close, and will definitely have an effect on your productivity, and the quality of the work you deliver.


This is something you can action long before the festive season kicks in, but it is definitely a habit you want to deliberately practice when our halls are decked with boughs of holly.

Take Brain Vacations

This is pretty common knowledge in a lot of digital circles: giving your eyes and your brain a rest every hour or so, just from staring at a screen the way we do, will give you an opportunity to release a lot of tension. Take a moment for yourself where you don’t much but exist, and for a couple of seconds, forget everything you’re supposed to do and just think about something nice.

Break The Habit

This might seem a bit weird, given the topic of this post. But bear with us. Familiarity does breed contempt, after all. If you do the same things, the same way, day after day, it’s not unreasonable to imagine you could start to feel bored. Which can turn into frustration if nothing is done about it. If you feel that kind of thing brewing, switch it up a little bit. Take a different route to work. Swap out your favourite bag for one you don’t use as often. Try a different place for lunch. It isn’t called a breath of fresh air for nothing, is it?

Make Room For Yourself

There’s a lot of pressure to be excellent in any industry, and that can contribute tremendously to rising stress levels. To avoid a one-way ticket to burnout, try and give yourself a bit of a break and remember that you’re also only human — nobody is perfect, no matter how they try. Giving yourself permission to do your best, and make mistakes if that’s the case, is particularly freeing, and takes a lot of the weight off shoulders.

Roll The Credits

Last, but certainly not least, do not forget to give credit where credit is due. That includes to yourself. Reflect back on the year and recognise the things you’ve achieved, and the high quality of work you’ve produced. We can be our own worst critics sometimes, and that can occasionally contribute to unhealthy behaviours and eventual burnout.


Congratulate yourself! You deserve it.

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