Oktoberfest takes place in September and finishes in October. It began in October 1810 to honor the wedding of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony- Hildburghausen. Oktoberfest is an event that is full of colourful costumes and atmosphere like no other!


What to Wear


Definitely try your best to dress like a local! Men usually wear a Lederhosen leather shorts with straps on them and women wear the traditional Dirndl dress. Be weary as there as there are certain ways to wear the bow. Wearing the bow on the right side means you are not single, wearing the bow on the left side means you are single and wearing the bow to the front means you are a virgin.


What to Eat & Drink


Beer is the main drink to drink at Oktoberfest. However, there are many other options served as well such as wine and coffee. From pretzels to bratwursts to pork to fish to cheese there is always plenty of food at an Oktoberfest celebration to enjoy. So don’t worry you wont be left hungry!!


How to decorate the event


Depending on the venue, it is important to try and re-create the Oktoberfest style as best as possible. Wooden long benches are a great idea when planning an event for a large corporate group. Dress the tables with white tablecloths and have lots of colourful balloons around the venue. Plan the event to take place in a tent or marquee if possible.


Oktoberfest is always a great theme for an event in September or October. PLANIT always have so much fun with our clients planning and styling an Oktoberfest event.


If you would like to find out more information about the event management we do for corporate events please email: info@planit.ie or you can call us on 01 2011850 for more details.