Brand activations are renowned for their strategic and successful engagement with an audience. Brand activations or experiential marketing gets people talking about the brand experience over digital platforms. A branded hashtag is usually incorporated and allows customers and fans to interact with the brand in real-time.


1. Zappos: Pay With A Cupcake

Everyone loves food and especially free food! So to help promote Zappos new photo app. Google took to the streets of Austin, Texas, with a cupcake truck. People got a free cupcake when a photo was taken with the app. Google and Zappos both worked together and instead of going against one another as brands they promoted one another. A box on feet was set up next to Google’s cup cake truck and as well as a free cupcake they also got a free watch or pair of shoes from the box on feet. This campaign highlights that if you invest some time and effort into thinking of ways that people can interact with you and another brand in a positive way, it will get people talking in the best way possible.

Check out the video:

2. Facebook: Facebook IQ Live

Customers want to see brands in real-time. For that reason Facebook created an IQ Live experience. This experience was a mock up of a retail setting that represented online shopper’s conversion paths when they used various social media platforms for buying decisions. The campaign provided 93% of the attendees with valuable insights on how to use Facebook for their business. This campaign is so memorable for an audience as it creates a brand experience that gives a positive perception of Facebook and promotes them to use the platform for their business.

Check out the video below and see the Facebook IQ Live Experience:

3.Guinness: Guinness Class

Everyone wants to have the chance to go on a private jet or to experience the luxuries of haute couture. We all aspire to own and to enjoy these luxurious experiences at least once in our life times. Because of this, Guinness created a campaign which only their customers could aspire to own. Guinness brand ambassadors dressed up in Guinness branded flight attendant uniforms and went into bars across the U.K. Participants in the various bars had to order a pint of Guinness and after shake a mobile generating tablet. The tablet would display if they had won or lost. There were various prizes to be won but the biggest one of all was the free trip to Dublin via private jet with four friends of their choice. The campaign created an exclusive prize that couldn’t be bought but only experiened by the individuals. It is important for marketers to understand that customers want memorable experiences and if you can create a brand experience or an event that can provide this you will be able to create something for your customers that they will appreciate forever.

Check out the video of the Guinness Class Experience:

4. Google: Bay Area Impact Challenge

It is important for brands to give back and to promote corporate philanthropy. Google executed this in a fantastic way by allowing people in the Bay Area cast their votes on issues they felt mattered the most to them. Google installed interactive posters across the Bay Area community and allowed people to touch the posters and vote for the cause. This experiential marketing campaign allowed people to interact with the Google brand in real-time and provided an experience for the customers, which they were passionate about. The campaign was very successful and generated over 400,000 votes over a 3-week period.

Check out the video and see the impact Google had on the local community:

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