With the highly anticipated Electric Picnic fast approaching we have complied a list of everything you need to ensure you’re prepared for the biggest weekend of the summer!

The essentials & the obvious:

  • Travel & Festival Tickets– Obvious really.
  • Identification– To prove you are you. And of legal drinking age.
  • Tent – You should definitely double check the pegs & ropes are packed before setting off.
  • Sleeping Bag / Pillow / Mat – Comfortable sleep = having more fun during the day.
  • Wipes, Wipes & more wipes – Baby wipes are compact and will freshen you up nicely if the queues for the showers in the morning don’t appeal to you.
  • Hand Sanitiser– A small bottle of antibacterial gel is handy if the taps in the portaloos stop working
  • Portable phone charger – So you can keep Instagramming / texting / Facebooking
  • Clothing for all seasons – (waterproof clothes and shoes / wellies, sun hats, warm jumper, plenty of clean socks etc.) With the rumours of this weekend being a ‘washout’ make sure you are fully prepared for Irelands every changing weather.
  • Reusable bottle – to fill water from taps on site
  • Black bags for rubbish & dirty clothes

The not so obvious:

  • Ear plugs– If and when you do sleep, you’ll still hear plenty of noise from all night concerts.
  • Eye mask– The sun creeps in starting at 6 am, so an eye mask may give you an extra hour or two of sleep.
  • Chairs– Pack a collapsible camping chair to sit around camp until the festivities begin. Sitting on the ground all weekend isn’t fun!
  • Flashlight or headlamp– this will come in handy to navigate to and from the toilets/ back to your camp at night
  • Cooler– Load it with water bottles and ice or reusable ice packs before you go and purchase more if you need to once you get there.
  • Festival trolley: Rather than weighing yourself down with bags and camping gear, neatly pile your essentials into a trolley. They only cost around €15, and you’ll especially appreciate it at the end of the weekend with a looming hangover. Trust us everyone will be so jealous they didn’t think of this!
  • IPod & speakers / radio & batteries – for in-between acts entertainment.
  • Swimming Costume- Electric Picnic are introducing swimming in the lake at this year’s festival.

Most importantly only bring what you can afford to lose. There is no way you can make a tent fully secure & Mark valuables with name and your address so it can be posted back to you if it is found/handed in.

Stay safe & most importantly have fun!