Getting attendees to your event can always be a difficult task. Here are 6 tips from PLANIT on how to create an event agenda that increases attendees and registration before your event takes place.

  1. Reveal speaker lineups or special guests in a creative way

Anticipation and hype about the speakers or special guests attending the event is a great way to create excitement about your event. Start a count down social media campaign and reveal secret information in a unique and creative way. By doing this there will be a general buzz about the event created on social media and people will be able to talk about the event before and after it has taken place.

  1. Post often about early bird deadlines and registration windows

Sharing ticket sales across social media is a great way to get friends of attendees to attend. Posting early bird ticket sales or registration is about to end posts will motivate attendees to get a move on and drive them to purchase tickets.

  1. Perform giveaways for sold out tickets

There is nothing more that people love than getting stuff for free. So if the event sells out create new opportunities for them to attend the event such as winning a contest for free tickets.

    4. Share behind the scenes pictures

It is important to let your attendees know what is happening before the event begins. Show content of the stage being built or insider glimpses and glances of the event production. This will attract potential and existing attendees as they will be curious to find out what the finalized event will look like.

  1. Share content from speakers leading up to the event

Get some of the guest speakers to broadcast messages about attending the event. Tagging the post with your event’s hashtag and mentioning the speaker will also help generate content about the events, especially if the speaker engages with the post and tweets or reposts the post back on his or hers actual accounts.

  1. Interact with your audience using questions and polls

Find out what your attendees want to see and hear at the event by creating a poll or live feed that they can engage with and ask questions that they may have about certain aspects of your event. By interacting with your audience through social media, you can get a sense of what there feelings are towards your event. And you can make or add last minute things to the event or talks if needs be.

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