Christmas Event Themes

1. Winter Wonderland

A Winter Wonderland theme is a fantastic idea for a Christmas theme party. Use blue and silver as the main colours running through the event.. Consider winter wonderland decorations such as 3D hanging snowflakes or snowflake centerpieces for the tables. Here at PLANIT this is one of our favourite winter themes for Christmas and can really create a magical atmosphere for your guests.

2. Christmas Movies

This theme is another one of our favourites!! Who doesn’t love a good Christmas movie?? For this theme we suggest having each table named after a different movie for example ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory’ or ‘Home Alone.’ Design each table with different ideas that are specific to that movie. Guests will have a great time reminiscing on their childhood memories of watching some of the movies.

3. Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World is a very unique theme and can provide you with lots of different ideas for your event. There can be different food options designed specifically for that country. Each table should be a labeled after a different country. Décor for the room should vary depending on what countries are chosen

4. Santa’s Workshop

Who doesn’t love a North Pole themed event? Having a Christmas event that is themed to Santa’s workshop gives event planners endless amounts of ideas for creating a magical experience. Décor can be entirely like the North Pole, with different tables named after specific things related to Santa or the North Pole. Fake snow, candy canes, Santa’s sleigh and reindeers are great props to have around the room or in the reception of your event.

5. Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is such a simple theme to create but can be so elegant for your guests when executed properly. Include ideas such as the Nutcracker prop soldiers or a Nutcracker backdrop. This theme will surely create a nostalgic feel for your event.

6. Après Ski Party

Having an après ski party themed event is a great theme to wow your guests. Add cosy faux fur blankets or throws to furniture. Alpine furniture or props are a must to create a fabulous après ski setting for your guests. Ideas such as vintage ski racks or having a rustic piste ski map are great ways to really allow your guests to feel like they are on the slopes.