Five Charity Christmas Party Tips

When it comes to giving back to the community as a company, there are so many different routes to go. Many corporates opt for large-scale donations, massive fundraising dinners, and fabulous celebrations. But for some smaller companies, that’s a bit easier said than done. Which means, they turn to other ways of involving themselves in their community.

Reaching out to help the places right around the corner from your office door is a deeply rewarding experience, and as the festive season approaches and the Christmas spirit starts to swell, we’ve pooled together all of our resources and experience to rustle up some of our favourite ideas when you just happen to be throwing a Christmas party at the shelter down the road, or have dropped in at the children’s home to prepare a tasty Christmas dinner.

Be Reasonable, And Commit

Pulling together a charity event is not for the faint of heart, and can be tough even at the best of times. That the stakes are so much higher because promises have been made to people, it’s best to be well aware of what is realistically achievable and what is not. Manage expectations and make sure that you’ll be able to deliver on what you’ve promised.

This Is About Others

The urge to throw a big PR party whenever your company is doing anything good is strong enough in all of us who organise such events. There is no question that it would be an excellent media opportunity, a chance to engage the press. And while that might be appropriate for a company launch party, it’s not displaying a lot of tact to do it at a charity event.

The best advice in these contexts is to always center the people who are receiving, whoever they might be, and what the event means to them. Not only will it offer some perspective, but also provide insight into exactly what kind of mood and tone you want to be striking with the entire experience.

Know Your Guests

Events large and small have a few basic rules in common. Knowing your audience is definitely one of them. Not only is it vital when it comes to crafting the right menu, that will be enjoyed by everyone present, as someone planning the entire party, knowing your guests informs every decision you make about venue, decor, music, and everything in between. As much as is humanly possible for an event planner, it’s critical to know your guests well, so that everyone has a good time.

Cater To Everyone

Charity Christmas parties are not generally elegant soirees. They’re more festive and cosy than that. It’s also the kind of event families tend to arrive at en masse, which means there will definitely be children present, and that always changes some elements of the event when it comes to safety and entertainment. You definitely want to be as prepared as you can be for all eventualities, while still making sure that every guest present is having a good time.

But The Decor Is Easy!

Which is one of the great things about throwing a Christmas party. You don’t need to spend any time at all wondering what kind of theme you’re going to have at your party, and none of the decorations are hard to find. It can also go any which way, when it comes to decor: you could go for something soft and minimal and try some Christmas lights; or add a little more sparkle and glitter with some tinsel and metallic baubles; or you could even do a round of Christmas hat and crackers. Anything goes, and really is possible!

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Five Ways To Beat End of Year Burnout

Without question, we’ve all experienced end of year burnout — it’s no stranger. A lot of us folks, especially those who work in industries that tend to thrive and flourish around the end of year festive celebration, tend to look towards end of year burnout as something more or less inevitable.

Which doesn’t at all have to be the case! It’s not to say burnout can be easily avoided; the world is a stressful place. But there are a number of things you can do, some small, some bigger, that can really have an effect on your energy and motivation levels as the year draws to a close. If you are of the opinion that you should not be feeling tired, drained, and utterly spent when December comes calling, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put our heads and collective experience together, and came up with a couple of habits and small lifestyle shifts that can definitely bolster you when it comes to end of year burnout, and maybe keep you away from the dreaded collapse, and see you through the festive season with a smile on your face!

Still, the thought of organising an event like this, whether large or small, can be overwhelming. Which is why we’ve come together and provided some of our favourite tips and tricks to deploy when you’re planning everything out.

Seriously, Slow Down

We’ve definitely all heard this one before, from multiple different sources, all saying the same basic thing: you can’t be going at full throttle all the time. It’s the easiest way to exhaust yourself long before you should be feeling anything close, and will definitely have an effect on your productivity, and the quality of the work you deliver.


This is something you can action long before the festive season kicks in, but it is definitely a habit you want to deliberately practice when our halls are decked with boughs of holly.

Take Brain Vacations

This is pretty common knowledge in a lot of digital circles: giving your eyes and your brain a rest every hour or so, just from staring at a screen the way we do, will give you an opportunity to release a lot of tension. Take a moment for yourself where you don’t much but exist, and for a couple of seconds, forget everything you’re supposed to do and just think about something nice.

Break The Habit

This might seem a bit weird, given the topic of this post. But bear with us. Familiarity does breed contempt, after all. If you do the same things, the same way, day after day, it’s not unreasonable to imagine you could start to feel bored. Which can turn into frustration if nothing is done about it. If you feel that kind of thing brewing, switch it up a little bit. Take a different route to work. Swap out your favourite bag for one you don’t use as often. Try a different place for lunch. It isn’t called a breath of fresh air for nothing, is it?

Make Room For Yourself

There’s a lot of pressure to be excellent in any industry, and that can contribute tremendously to rising stress levels. To avoid a one-way ticket to burnout, try and give yourself a bit of a break and remember that you’re also only human — nobody is perfect, no matter how they try. Giving yourself permission to do your best, and make mistakes if that’s the case, is particularly freeing, and takes a lot of the weight off shoulders.

Roll The Credits

Last, but certainly not least, do not forget to give credit where credit is due. That includes to yourself. Reflect back on the year and recognise the things you’ve achieved, and the high quality of work you’ve produced. We can be our own worst critics sometimes, and that can occasionally contribute to unhealthy behaviours and eventual burnout.


Congratulate yourself! You deserve it.

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Things To Remember When Planning A Charity Event

One of the things that tend to pop up more often throughout the festive season are charity and fundraising events. These are not only wonderful opportunities for the public and private sectors to support wonderful causes across the globe, but also a good opportunity, as someone organising the event, to get buy-in and support from the wider community in promoting and assisting these organisations.

Still, the thought of organising an event like this, whether large or small, can be overwhelming. Which is why we’ve come together and provided some of our favourite tips and tricks to deploy when you’re planning everything out.

Decide On The Type Of Event

When doing events for charities, you can decide on several formats. Usually, there is a fundraising element to most charity events — whether by virtue of guests buying tables, or there being some sort of auction for nice treats and trips. Defining how precisely your event is going to look will make it much easier to establish how you’re going to make it happen.

Decide On Which Cause To Support

Once you’ve settled on which cause to support, you can easily determine how to market and promote your event. Choosing a cause to support requires thought and consideration, ensuring that the cause aligns with the company or brand’s values and that it is appropriate within your events context.

Marshal Your Resources

Getting your resources together is important. Whether that’s securing a team of experts to help you, or ensuring that you have items to auction, or even rustling up your sponsors. Whatever you need to do, make sure that you’ve got all your resources handled and planned out, so that there’s no mistakes on the night of the event.

Collaborate With Others

One of the best things about hosting a charity event is that you can collaborate with other brands and companies. When it comes to charitable events, there’s plenty of goodwill to be found in your industry, so you should draw on that to increase the impact and, ultimate success, of your event.

Promotion Is Key

As with any shindig, marketing and promoting your event is key. This is particularly important when it comes to any charity event — you want to get the word out and ensure that the world knows about what you’re doing. For this, you can mix traditional and digital marketing, to create the widest range to spread your message. It’s also good to get in touch with the press, to ensure coverage of your event, and its longevity past the actual day.

Pick A Venue

Deciding on where your event is going to be is possibly one of the most important decisions you make. You need to consider what you need from your venue, whether there needs to be a stage, how big the space should be, and what other elements of your event need to be planned for. Choose your space with care, and ensure that it has all the required accessibility for your guests.

Themes Are The Way

The truth is, charity events need something a little extra to get everyone into the swing of things. A theme is a great way to up the ante on your event and add a little glitz and glam to it. Coming up with a theme, and it can be as simple as ‘wear black and white’ is a good way to get the guests and donors involved and having the best time.

Plan Every Little Detail

We’re sure nobody needs to hear that you should plan out every single aspect of your event, but this goes double for any charity event you’re hosting. The key to a smooth and successful event is to make sure that everything goes according to plan, and planning out all of it, down to the very last minute and the tiniest of details.


Finally, when your event is done, it’s important to follow up with your guests and donors. Send a thank you to everyone, and make sure you show your appreciation for their attendance. Not only does this leave a great impression, but also means you remind your guests of the party long after it is over!

When it comes to event planning, the stakes are high. Make sure your events are handled by the professionals. We have extensive experience in planning and managing events that go off without a hitch. Send an enquiry, or reach out on Facebook or Twitter.

Seven Tips For A Delightful End Of Year Staff Party

As we approach the end of the year, the infamous staff party looms large on the horizon. If we look at movies and television, there are tons of tropes and stereotypes about the end of year, Christmas party, not least of which is that someone always breaks down at some point and there are tears. This is something, in particular, we’d like to avoid, since the end of the year and the coming Christmas should be a happy time for everyone.

Which is why we’re here to help — we’ve taken all of the best event guidelines that we have, turned them inward, and compiled a list of things you should remember, and that you can do, when you’re planning your staff Christmas party!

Book Your Date Early

When it comes to business, the end of the year can sometimes be some of the busiest times. There’s plenty to wrap-up, so when you begin planning your staff christmas party, keep in mind that there are probably tons of meetings and lengthy to-do lists to navigate. So not only should reserve the date as soon as possible, but also perhaps do a preliminary investigation, providing a host of dates as options for the staff body to choose from.

Also decide when you want to have the party — whether you want to have an extended lunch, and afternoon event that leads into sundowners, or an evening party.

Be Clear About Your Budget

Crucial to having a successful staff party is to be sure of what you’re working with. So before you start planning out all the details, you should be really clear about what your budget is. You definitely need to involve senior management in this conversation (plus, they’ll be able to call off work if your party is during working hours), as buy-in from them is crucial to achieving a great event for everyone.

Theme Negotiable

A lot of the time, there’s the instinctive urge to ask everyone to dress up. And sure, fancy dress is really a great way to get everyone into the mood, but sometimes, folks don’t really have the resources or the time to put too much attention into an entire outfit. Themes, however, are great and they add a little special something to a staff party — it allows everyone to get out of their heads and out of the work mood. So you could choose a theme that just makes everything a little consistent and is fun to do. Maybe everyone could wear something red? Or Christmas hats? Either way, incorporating a simple theme into the party could be a ton of fun.

Make Sure There’s Enough, But Not Too Much

Everyone knows the horror stories associated with drinking too much at the staff party. And that is certainly not the aim here. But you do want to make sure that your event is well-catered — with enough food for everyone present — as well as enough to drink (without going overboard with liquor).

Splurge A Little On Entertainment

Since it’s the end of year party, there’s plenty of reason to go a little beyond the usual when it comes to entertainment. Hiring a band, or even a DJ to play a couple of favourite songs for the party is a great way to set a festive mood, particularly if you have decided to have your party at the end of the week, and everyone is letting their hair down a little bit.

Make Time To Show Appreciation

The most important function of the end of year party is to show the staff how much they are appreciated. This can get lost in all the decorations and excitement, so be sure that you set aside a specific time that you can dedicate purely to ensuring everyone knows they are appreciated and valued. It adds a nice shine of positivity and goodwill to what promises to be a great evening.

Document Everything

Finally, make sure you get pictures of everything and everyone! Nights designed for good times and great memories deserve to be immortalised, so be sure that you’ve got a designated photographer, and then you get everyone involved to send you any photos they take!

When it comes to event planning, the stakes are high. Make sure your events are handled by the professionals. We have extensive experience in planning and managing events that go off without a hitch. Send an enquiry, or reach out on Facebook or Twitter.

5 Ways To Set Up An Employee Wellness Program – Part 2

Previously, we provided some tips to help you kick off an employee wellness program within your company. Looking after the health and happiness of employees not only makes the working environment one everyone wants to be in, but it also ensures high levels of productivity and achievement, which is always good for company growth and progress.

But you shouldn’t simply focus on the program. A great way to boost involvement, and ensure that everyone is participating, is to host employee wellness days, or fairs, that are not only a little bit of time off from the daily hustle and bustle of work, but also gives everyone an opportunity to focus on their wellness, entrenching it further into company culture.

Here are some of our best tips for hosting an employee wellness event.

Plan Plan Plan

Just because it’s internal, and focusing on something many consider intangible, doesn’t mean that a wellness event needs less planning that any other event. If anything, this one requires just that little bit more attention, simply because we’re dealing with things like health and happiness, which looks different for everyone and needs to be handled tactfully. In this respect, you should use all the feedback and information you’ve received on your wellness program as a guide for how to proceed.

Get In Touch With Wellness Vendors

In this very specific instance, you should gather to yourself a pool of expertise that can offer employees and everyone participating in the event the right kind of advice and provide them with real, tried and tested solutions. There are many different companies out there that cater to all aspects of wellness, and inviting the right vendors to your event is crucial to ensuring that everyone has a good, valuable time.

Handle Your Decisions Thoughtfully

When planning a wellness event, you want to pay extra attention to decisions like when you host the event, where you decide to host it, and what you want to achieve with it. All of these decisions factor into how people will be feeling on the day — so you don’t want to pick a day when people are not feeling particularly up to socialising (a Monday, for example), or host your event in a space that isn’t conducive to a good mood and a smile. Which is, after all, your focus.

Make It Interactive

Not only do you want to make your event worth company time, you also want to make it worth everyone’s time. Which means that you don’t want people to be bored, or disengaged throughout your event. Ensure that the activities you have planned encourage people to interact, not only with their own wellness, but also with each other. Employees should also enjoy the event — activities should be engaging, stimulating, and fun, and not simply an extension of the standard work day.

Incentivise Everyone

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean paying folks to be healthy. But everyone likes to know they’re going to be rewarded for their work, in whatever capacity they are providing it. Prizes are a perfect way to fulfill this desire — particularly if the prices are specifically tailored to encourage physical, emotional, or mental wellness. Raffle, anyone?

Finally, Thank All Involved

This is also not just restricted to the people who assisted with the planning — though they deserve much, much gratitude because planning any kind of event is a huge amount of work. But it’s also important to recognise the participation and efforts of all the employees who have taken part in the wellness program, and made steady gains in their health and happiness! So, when everything has come to a close, be sure to thank everyone for contributing to the growing wellness culture within your company.

When it comes to event planning, the stakes are high. Make sure your events are handled by the professionals. We have extensive experience in planning and managing events that go off without a hitch. Send an enquiry, or reach out on Facebook or Twitter.

5 Ways To Set Up An Employee Wellness Program

Everyone in business knows that happy, healthy employees perform well and deliver high quality work, which in turn ensures a thriving and growing business. Over the last few years, the concept of employee wellness, and making that a central focus of any company, has become more and more important. And in our industry, with its driving deadlines and its high targets, maintaining employee wellness becomes even more crucial, not only to the success of the business, but the success of employees and colleagues.

An employee wellness program is something that should be implemented in as many working environments as possible, including yours. Here are our top tips to remember when you’re trying to get a wellness program off the ground.

Get Management’s Support

As with any initiative you want to start in the workplace, support from your leadership team is crucial to its success. Not only because it ensures that you will be provided with the necessary authority and resources to implement your wellness program, but also because people learn from behaviour they observe, and for employees to see their managers and team leaders getting behind the idea of wellness will foster and engender support from the rest of the office too. It’s important that not only does senior leadership demonstrate their commitment to employee wellness, but lead by example as well.

Ask For Input

Once you’ve got the leadership team on board, it’s important to talk to your colleagues. There’s no point implementing a wellness program if you don’t know what you need to be focusing on. And you’re certainly not going to get any buy-in from your peers if you focus on the wrong things. Gather all your colleagues, or send out a request for some feedback, and figure out what the major wellness areas are, and where they would like to see more attention being paid.

Be Intentional

Successful wellness programs require deliberate intent. If you’ve decided to spearhead wellness efforts within your company, know that it is a culture that has to be created. First and foremost, you should set goals and objectives that you would like to achieve with your program — not only does it make it easier to communicate what you’re trying to achieve to your colleagues and management, but it also means you can establish what kind of budget you’ll need to work with, and just which resources you’ll need to be working with.

Find A Management Tool

These days, with how attached we are to our phones and devices, implementing a wellness program becomes much easier when you have a management tool that goes along with it. And there are so many different kinds of tools you can use, which are able to track all of the work employees put in, and which everyone participating can use to set their targets and bring wellness into the digital age.

Set Up A Wellness Policy & Team

Once you’ve set everything up, it’s important to have a written wellness policy, a set of guidelines that participants can use throughout their wellness journey. It’s just as important to have a team on hand to help you implement that policy, and assist anyone taking part with their queries, and help you plan and execute various wellness activities. Not only does it formalise your efforts within the workplace, but also lends support and structure to your entire program.

Promote Your Wellness Efforts

Finally, once you’ve set up your program, you’ve got to promote it! Regular mailers to employees, posters around the workplace that inform them of all their options and choices, as well as regular employee wellness events. Making wellness part of your corporate culture, by incentivising employees to participate, incorporate activity clubs, and dedicate a part of your office space to wellness efforts are just some ways you can incorporate health, and happiness, into your office environment.  

When it comes to event planning, the stakes are high. Make sure your events are handled by the professionals. We have extensive experience in planning and managing events that go off without a hitch. Send an enquiry, or reach out on Facebook or Twitter.

Catching The Elusive Buzz

So you’ve organised your event. You’ve negotiated with suppliers, located a venue, decided on the event’s theme, contacted the caterers, and put together your guest list. Everything is basically ready to go. Now it’s time to turn and focus on the more intangible aspects of hosting a successful event in your industry or for your brand: creating buzz.

For most organisers of events, the impact and value of their time and efforts can be measured by the impact of the event, who is talking about it, which websites and publications report on it. A fair amount of legwork needs to go into laying the foundations for this to happen. Which is where our helpful guide comes in, because sometimes, creating buzz can be a test of your mettle.

Get In Touch With The Press

This is your first port of call, particularly if you want your industry and others to know what you’re up to and the direction your brand/company is headed. It might seem old-school, but drafting a press release and sending it to journalists in the area is a surefire way to get eyes on your prize. Make sure your release is concise, not too long, and clearly communicates the motive behind your event, what you’re trying to accomplish, as well as all the details — time, place, location, etc.

When you’re sending your press releases out, however, do your research. It won’t get you anywhere, if you’re hosting a tech product launch, to contact the crime reporters in the area. Make sure you’re getting in touch with the right people, who have the audience you’re looking for.

Don’t Discount Social Media

It must get incredibly tiresome to see the same advice about social media coming from all directions, but in this case, it’s that way because it’s tried and trusted advice. Social media is one of the quickest ways to generate interest around your event. Even something as simple as creating a hashtag can help broaden the scope of your reach, and doing a fully-fledged campaign only amplifies that.

Another good idea for social media is to invite influencers to your event. These are people with large followings, who generate buzz all on their own, and can be incredibly advantageous to your efforts. But like with the journalists, make sure you’re contacting the right people, who are knowledgeable about your industry and won’t stick out like a sore thumb. Unless that’s your MO, in which case, invite the beauty blogger to your branding and networking event — it works, sort of. Just make sure everyone knows your angle and what you’re up to.

Give Some Sneak Peeks

There’s something truly addictive about behind the scenes, real-life moments. One way to generate buzz around your event in the days leading up to it, is to let people have a little look into what goes into setting up something like this. It helps arouse curiosity, and there are so many ways to give insight — whether that be through little videos, Instagram stories, pre-event interviews and brand pushes. These also help maintain interest, as they tend to be a bit more compelling than a couple of tweets or some posters.

Online Works With Offline

The growing tendency these days is so marketing for events solely online. And while we all have a phone in our pocket, it isn’t quite time to dismiss offline possibilities and opportunities yet. There’s something quite charming about seeing an online campaign manifesting in real time, so if there are creative, innovative ways to get the public involved both on- and offline, they should not be overlooked.

If It’s Awesome, Buzz Will Come

At the end of the day, it’s still about how good your event was. There are countless examples of events with amazing marketing and activation and hype, all of which were not realised come event day. You don’t want to fall into that category, so above all, ensure your event is awesome. If it is, everyone who is there will create the buzz for you, and help make your event memorable and buzz-worthy long after it’s over.

When it comes to event planning, the stakes are high. Make sure your events are handled by the professionals. We have extensive experience in planning and managing events that go off without a hitch. Send an enquiry, or reach out on Facebook or Twitter.

5 Tips For Hosting A Memorable Event

When you’re planning an event, and it’s not for a handful of your dearly beloveds, creating an impact is altogether a different kettle of fish. When you’re organising a corporate event for two hundred of your peers and professional colleagues, creating meaning and a long-lasting memory. There a number of focal things you can do to ensure that all your guests leave with a smile on their faces (and that they come to your next event!).

Harness The Internet

To make sure your event is a memorable success, you need to start early. One of the ways to ensure that everyone knows to pop by is to harness the power of social media. It’s the perfect platform for you to create awareness around your event, inspiring interest and attention. This can be done on multiple channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also use a number of different mediums, from simple text, to images and videos. Facebook is also particularly useful in this case, because you can use the event organisation function to increase the reach of your efforts, and to provide a way of keeping track of who is coming and who isn’t, and to update all the attendees on any developments or changes.

Once the big night arrives, social media is also a great way to share with your industry (and the world at large). You can take pictures, upload videos, and immortalise the night’s best moments on the internet. The great thing about this is that it extends your event long past its actual end — after all, a retweet is timeless.

Make A Good First Impression

Everyone has been told, at some point, that first impressions don’t count. And that’s mostly true, except for those moments when they absolutely do. When you’re organizing  corporate event, you better believe that first impressions can make or break your guests’ experience. Which means you should be pulling out as many of the stops as you can when your guests arrive. That includes ensuring they have someone to greet them, are offered some form of refreshment, and can easily access a member of staff should they have any requests.

Strike The Right Decor Balance

When hosting a professional event, there’s not that much wriggle-room. Every single element of the event will be under scrutiny and appraisal, which means that you definitely want to be sending the right message with your decor and the venue you choose. This means understanding exactly why the event is being put together, and what the overall objectives of the host are. It’s also about knowing the guest list, and the tastes and aesthetic preferences of those who are attending, and ensuring you strike the right balance between what the guest wants to see, and what the host wants to see. Always remember you want to create an event that is professional, elegant, and slick, while at the same time seem welcoming, warm, and absent the very specific formality of the work environment.

Be Realistic With Budget & Resources

There are those events that are memorable for all the wrong reasons — malfunctioning tech, dwindling refreshments and snacks, a boring host, and bland decoration. Take your needs and requirements into consideration when you’re budgeting, and ensure that you are realistic about your figures and quotes. A well-run, well-executed event definitely enhances the quality of the experience, and is one thing that truly sticks out to guests, so ensure you are realistic about what you can deliver, and what you want to provide.

Thank Your Guests

And by this, we don’t mean at the end of the event, though you should do that as well. But a good idea is to get in touch with your guests a few days after the event, and thank them for their attendance. If there are pictures from the evening, then it is a good idea to provide those as well. Not only is this just good form, but it will also reignite memories of the event once it’s over, reminding the of their experience which, if you have followed all the tips above, will be well worth remembering!

When it comes to event planning, the stakes are high. Make sure your events are handled by the professionals. We have extensive experience in planning and managing events that go off without a hitch. Send an enquiry, or reach out on Facebook or Twitter.

International Creativity Month

Did you know that January is International Creativity Month?

Founded by Randall Munson, Creativity Month is all about the power of creativity in our lives. Whether it’s for work or play, creativity is the key to unlocking the best solutions to your challenges.

For those of us who work in creative fields, this month is also about acknowledging how tough it can be to keep the creative mojo flowing all the time!

Event planning and management is no different. From major holidays, to weddings, birthdays, and corporate brand events of all kinds – our job requires us to juggle creative hats constantly. Here are a few ways to get the creative flame burning for 2018:

Make a change

This might be difficult if you work in an office but one of the best ways to kickstart your creative thinking is to work somewhere new – the busier, the better! Ideas come from observing and interacting with the world, so get outside and do some interacting.

If you can’t, then change something else about your work routine and space. Talk to someone new. Find content like new podcasts and books to spark ideas. Even a small change like sitting at a different desk can help with brainstorming.

Free thinking

Often when we try to think up new concepts and campaigns, we dismiss our own ideas before they’re even out of the gate. In your next brainstorm session, try what we call ‘free thinking’. Write, doodle, or talk without censoring your own ideas. If it pops into your head, put it on the page!

Take a step further and share your free thinking page of ideas with your colleagues, and see if they have anything to add or expand on.

Collaborative vision boards

These can be a literal pinboard in your office or a digital space but collaborative vision boards are a good way to get ideas flowing and to save time.

We’ve all been in the brainstorms and meetings that don’t yield any results because people simply don’t have any ideas at the time! A collaborative board means that your team can add ideas and suggestions in their own time and build on the work put up by others. Quotes, pictures, comments, and scribbles are all welcome. At the end of the week, set up a review session to refine what you have into a creative brief.

What are your tips and tricks for getting into the creative spirit?

The best of 2017 at Planit


As we wind down for the Christmas holidays, we spent some time reflecting on what has been a wonderful year for Planit.

We are so proud of our teams for their imaginative, and precise work allowing us to offer our clients the best in event planning and management. And we are so thankful for our clients for giving us the opportunity to be a part of their journeys!

Here is a look back on a few of our favourites from the year:

1. The Moulin Rouge CMRF Ball

This was without a doubt one of the most memorable events of our calendar. The Crumlin Medical Research Fund Ball took place in March this year. The night was spectacular – from entertainment in the form of comedian Barry Murphy to the delicious food, and of course, seeing our very well-dressed guests. Most importantly, the evening raised over €120,000 for CMRF Crumlin.

2. Working with LDV at the CV Show

This year, we continued our work with LDV and were thrilled to be a part of the reveal of the all-electric EG 10. The design and setup of the stand as well as all the branding elements were the hard work of various Planit teams and we couldn’t be more proud!

3. IBEC HR Summit

The Summit, named as Ireland’s largest and most senior HR event, was definitely one for the books as we worked alongside IBEC’s internal events team to pull off a seamless conference.

4. Platinum Services Santa Flight

What would an end of year events highlight blog be without something festive? Take a look at what we did for this year’s Santa Flight. It was a big day out for the children from Crumlin Children’s hospital as they had the chance to take to the sky, chat with Santa, and enjoy a few festive treats.

5. #BestInFest 2017

Currently in its second year, we attended the Best in Fest 2017 Masterclass. Industry leaders covered topics like event heritage, PR marketing and sponsorship, event organisational structures and much more. Our team members who attended walked away refreshed and energised with lots of good ideas to implement back in the office! A must for industry professionals.

6. Planit Staff Wellness Day

And last, but certainly not least, our staff Wellness Day was one of the key events for us this year. None of the great work that we do would be possible without our dedicated and hard-working teams. Our wellness days aim to promote healthy balanced lifestyles amongst our staff. That means good food, massages, and team bonding.

Thank you to all our staff and clients for a productive and successful 2017. Looking forward to more great things in 2018!

Happy holidays!

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