How to manage the unpredictable

Planning for the unpredictable: safeguarding your events

There’s a good reason why event management was named one of the five most stressful jobs on the planet. With multiple variables, vendors and stakeholders involved, things can – and do – go awry. The good news is, an unforeseen issue doesn’t have to spell doom for your entire event – if you know how to handle it, that is.

With a little bit of ingenuity and a hefty dose of determination, you can ensure that unexpected hiccups don’t spiral out into a full-blown event disaster. Here’s how to handle bumps in the event management road:

Compile a Disaster Management Plan according to the unique characteristics of each event.

It goes without saying that an end-to-end Disaster Management Plan is crucial. But what many event managers fail to take into account is that every single event is different, with unique requirements. As such, your Disaster Management Plan should be tailored to these particular components. For example, a Disaster Management Plan for a conference comprising thousands of attendees in multiple venues throughout a foreign city will look very different to that of an exclusive product launch for a select few VIPs in a nearby locale.

Work in unison with venue staff.

Many potential event hiccups can be quickly resolved when your team works hand in hand with venue personnel. The majority of venues have their own contingency plans in place, so meet with them before compiling the Disaster Management Plan. They’ll also be able to advise on alternative arrangements and will be able to contact the relevant authorities should you require additional assistance in the event of an emergency.

Know when to outsource help.

Some crises can be dealt with internally, but should the safety of guests be compromised by events such as a security threat or a natural disaster, ensure that you’ve got a direct line to the relevant authorities who’re adequately equipped to handle precarious situations. As mentioned earlier, your event team should be aware of all emergency contacts well before the event, as should your guest-facing staff.

Invest in insurance.

Safeguard against costly cancellations by investing in cancellation insurance. It’s crucial that your contingency plan includes a force majeure clause (unforeseen, external and unavoidable incidents; also referred to as ‘Acts of God’, such as a hurricane or armed conflict). This should be included in all Service Level Agreements with vendors and contractors to protect all parties involved.

Have a dedicated team to handle guests queries and concerns.

In the event of a crisis, guests look to your event management team for information, and more importantly, reassurance. A convenient way to distribute emergency plans of action and information to your event team is via an encrypted messaging app or network, where alerts and instructions can be posted and received instantly. Having a sole information source goes a long way in saving precious time by mitigating against conflicting information or a breakdown in communication. If guests are yet to arrive, make use of an dedicated social media manager who can post updates and inform guests of changes to the agenda.

Offer discounts or gratuity items if guests are inconvenienced.

If the date or time of an event changes drastically, ensure that guests are incentivised to attend by offering them a discount or upgrades on travel or accommodation. Alternatively, complimentary meals, tickets to local attraction and the like can go a long way in placating guests who’ve been inconvenienced.

When it comes to event planning, the stakes are high. Make sure your events are handled by the professionals. We have extensive experience in planning and managing events that go off without a hitch. Send an enquiry, or reach out on Facebook or Twitter.

2018 Event Trends Loading…

With the goal of setting the bar in event experiences even higher, these are our top five trends in eventing for 2018.

#1 Video killed the radio star

Since the introduction of drones and GoPro’s, videography has started to edge toward the realm of virtual reality. The best and most recent example was from the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea where Intel created a VR drone performance like no other. Known as the Intel Shooting Star drones, some 1200 of them when combined formed an aerial vehicle (UAV) specifically designed for entertainment purposes and controlled by a pilot. LED lights on the vehicle created holographic colour combinations in the form of the Olympic rings as well as an animated snowboarder and dove. Not only was it a spectacular experience to watch but is an indication of what is to come with the mind-bending possibilities of drone and VR technology.

Photo source: Intel

From wedding videos to live social media footage, the use of these technologies create the feeling of ‘really being there’ and enhance the all important maxim of an authentic experience, or as it were, an authentic experience of the experience. The impact that live video is having on social media is profound. Facebook Live videos for example are not only watched 3x longer than other videos but users comment on Facebook Live videos at 10 x the rate of normal videos .

The implications of this for event engagement and exposure are obvious in that the live streaming allows for an uncensored take on an event without any editing. There is also the potential for tighter security with evolving video technologies that are coming to the fore.

#2 Everyone’s invited

One of the biggest trends to continue its upward trajectory is that of the family friendly event where every age group and family member is catered for. This is particularly the case with weddings and weekend or multi-day festivals. Think a kid’s play or entertainment area, or an open-air cinema complete with popcorn machines for tweens (or adults depending on the PG of the movie) or a poker and cigar lounge for more seasoned event goers.

This trend isn’t just about entertainment or how to keep guests busy but also filters into their needs and therefore how to make the experience more enjoyable. For example: a noise-free peaceful space for young children to retreat to when it’s past their bed time, or a pamper parlour for every member of the family to enjoy a time-out, whether it’s a manicure, massage, makeover, or place to charge your phone.

#3 Let tech be thy teacher

Aside from the apps available today to help event personnel stay organized and on top of their A-game, the use of technology in event management is getting more and more intelligent and complex.

Crowd-shaping is a term that’s gained much cadence in the industry in the last while and shows no sign of abating. Essentially it’s used to refer to event organizers manipulating elements of an event in real time based on guests interactive feedback. Lighting to bright? With a quick double-tap the lighting rig adjusts. Music too soft? Same thing.

Taking it a step further where guests don’t have to engage at all, bots or interactive devices can sense if the crowd starts to dimish, organizers then figure out why and start adjusting the music, atmosphere, lighting etc and so it becomes like a live experiment where guests are the subjects.

There is also gamification, which is according to EventMobi is the “the integration of game-like thinking in nongame environments to bolster engagement, loyalty, and fun.” This is an important element for brands that are either launching or introducing a new product or experience because virtual reality is the means to communicate in the most visceral way to potential consumers.

 #4 An all-sensory experience

Engaging the senses have always been fundamental to event management, doing this well can be the difference between a mediocre event and one that is unforgettable. But beautiful flower arrangements, delicious foods and OTT décor can go so far, these days creating an experience where all 6 senses are engaged, or cross-engaged, is where things are at. The more experiential the better

Think holographic glasses that turn the world around you into a montage of amazing visuals, or using scent and taste in interesting ways like blind food tastings. Engaging the linked senses of taste and smell is particularly impactful because it is believed that the olfactory centre in the brain is closely linked to the memory one which is why a certain smell can cause a slew of memories to flood back. The message here? If you want your event to be remembered for ages, engage the sense of smell.

At last year’s Coachella Music Festival in the Colorado Desert, festival goers were treated to a multi-sensory experience courtesy of tech brand HP. The 11 000 square food dome created by Obscura Digital and sponsored by HP was suggestively called Antarctica and provided a refreshing respite from the intense desert heat as it was blasted with aircon.

The dome itself was touted as the world’s biggest 360 degree projection dome ever and accommodated 500 people at a time.  The audiovisual display on offer was akin to an art installation and fluxed between panoramic settings in nature to travelling through the human blood stream and throughout space.

 #5 Ticket sales

Event organizers are making the purchase of tickets a lot more accessible thanks to online ticket resources now being implemented on social media platforms. So on an event’s Facebook page for example, there is the option to purchase tickets through the platform as opposed to going to a third party website.

But the buzzword in ticket sales is RFID wristbands (Radio Frequency Identification), an application that has been around for a year or two but is starting to gain increased popularity. As the name suggests, it’s a techie solution to guests waiting in queues, scratching in their wallets for cash, and being able to take part in fun, bespoke digital activations. With all the information that the guest needs when attending the event locked up safely in the wristband (identification, email, ticket an bank account info), RFID tech lets guests really immerse themselves in the experience.

Whatever these trends mean to event organizers, and how they implement them, the take home message here is that the success of an event is far less about about the numbers (quantity) and more about the impact of the experience (quality).  


International Creativity Month

Did you know that January is International Creativity Month?

Founded by Randall Munson, Creativity Month is all about the power of creativity in our lives. Whether it’s for work or play, creativity is the key to unlocking the best solutions to your challenges.

For those of us who work in creative fields, this month is also about acknowledging how tough it can be to keep the creative mojo flowing all the time!

Event planning and management is no different. From major holidays, to weddings, birthdays, and corporate brand events of all kinds – our job requires us to juggle creative hats constantly. Here are a few ways to get the creative flame burning for 2018:

Make a change

This might be difficult if you work in an office but one of the best ways to kickstart your creative thinking is to work somewhere new – the busier, the better! Ideas come from observing and interacting with the world, so get outside and do some interacting.

If you can’t, then change something else about your work routine and space. Talk to someone new. Find content like new podcasts and books to spark ideas. Even a small change like sitting at a different desk can help with brainstorming.

Free thinking

Often when we try to think up new concepts and campaigns, we dismiss our own ideas before they’re even out of the gate. In your next brainstorm session, try what we call ‘free thinking’. Write, doodle, or talk without censoring your own ideas. If it pops into your head, put it on the page!

Take a step further and share your free thinking page of ideas with your colleagues, and see if they have anything to add or expand on.

Collaborative vision boards

These can be a literal pinboard in your office or a digital space but collaborative vision boards are a good way to get ideas flowing and to save time.

We’ve all been in the brainstorms and meetings that don’t yield any results because people simply don’t have any ideas at the time! A collaborative board means that your team can add ideas and suggestions in their own time and build on the work put up by others. Quotes, pictures, comments, and scribbles are all welcome. At the end of the week, set up a review session to refine what you have into a creative brief.

What are your tips and tricks for getting into the creative spirit?

The best of 2017 at Planit


As we wind down for the Christmas holidays, we spent some time reflecting on what has been a wonderful year for Planit.

We are so proud of our teams for their imaginative, and precise work allowing us to offer our clients the best in event planning and management. And we are so thankful for our clients for giving us the opportunity to be a part of their journeys!

Here is a look back on a few of our favourites from the year:

1. The Moulin Rouge CMRF Ball

This was without a doubt one of the most memorable events of our calendar. The Crumlin Medical Research Fund Ball took place in March this year. The night was spectacular – from entertainment in the form of comedian Barry Murphy to the delicious food, and of course, seeing our very well-dressed guests. Most importantly, the evening raised over €120,000 for CMRF Crumlin.

2. Working with LDV at the CV Show

This year, we continued our work with LDV and were thrilled to be a part of the reveal of the all-electric EG 10. The design and setup of the stand as well as all the branding elements were the hard work of various Planit teams and we couldn’t be more proud!

3. IBEC HR Summit

The Summit, named as Ireland’s largest and most senior HR event, was definitely one for the books as we worked alongside IBEC’s internal events team to pull off a seamless conference.

4. Platinum Services Santa Flight

What would an end of year events highlight blog be without something festive? Take a look at what we did for this year’s Santa Flight. It was a big day out for the children from Crumlin Children’s hospital as they had the chance to take to the sky, chat with Santa, and enjoy a few festive treats.

5. #BestInFest 2017

Currently in its second year, we attended the Best in Fest 2017 Masterclass. Industry leaders covered topics like event heritage, PR marketing and sponsorship, event organisational structures and much more. Our team members who attended walked away refreshed and energised with lots of good ideas to implement back in the office! A must for industry professionals.

6. Planit Staff Wellness Day

And last, but certainly not least, our staff Wellness Day was one of the key events for us this year. None of the great work that we do would be possible without our dedicated and hard-working teams. Our wellness days aim to promote healthy balanced lifestyles amongst our staff. That means good food, massages, and team bonding.

Thank you to all our staff and clients for a productive and successful 2017. Looking forward to more great things in 2018!

Happy holidays!

If you would like to find out more information about event management for brand activations please email: or you can call us on 01 2011850 for more details.

Favourite Brand Activations from Around the World

Brand activations are renowned for their strategic and successful engagement with an audience. Brand activations or experiential marketing gets people talking about the brand experience over digital platforms. A branded hashtag is usually incorporated and allows customers and fans to interact with the brand in real-time.


1. Zappos: Pay With A Cupcake

Everyone loves food and especially free food! So to help promote Zappos new photo app. Google took to the streets of Austin, Texas, with a cupcake truck. People got a free cupcake when a photo was taken with the app. Google and Zappos both worked together and instead of going against one another as brands they promoted one another. A box on feet was set up next to Google’s cup cake truck and as well as a free cupcake they also got a free watch or pair of shoes from the box on feet. This campaign highlights that if you invest some time and effort into thinking of ways that people can interact with you and another brand in a positive way, it will get people talking in the best way possible.

Check out the video:

2. Facebook: Facebook IQ Live

Customers want to see brands in real-time. For that reason Facebook created an IQ Live experience. This experience was a mock up of a retail setting that represented online shopper’s conversion paths when they used various social media platforms for buying decisions. The campaign provided 93% of the attendees with valuable insights on how to use Facebook for their business. This campaign is so memorable for an audience as it creates a brand experience that gives a positive perception of Facebook and promotes them to use the platform for their business.

Check out the video below and see the Facebook IQ Live Experience:

3.Guinness: Guinness Class

Everyone wants to have the chance to go on a private jet or to experience the luxuries of haute couture. We all aspire to own and to enjoy these luxurious experiences at least once in our life times. Because of this, Guinness created a campaign which only their customers could aspire to own. Guinness brand ambassadors dressed up in Guinness branded flight attendant uniforms and went into bars across the U.K. Participants in the various bars had to order a pint of Guinness and after shake a mobile generating tablet. The tablet would display if they had won or lost. There were various prizes to be won but the biggest one of all was the free trip to Dublin via private jet with four friends of their choice. The campaign created an exclusive prize that couldn’t be bought but only experiened by the individuals. It is important for marketers to understand that customers want memorable experiences and if you can create a brand experience or an event that can provide this you will be able to create something for your customers that they will appreciate forever.

Check out the video of the Guinness Class Experience:

4. Google: Bay Area Impact Challenge

It is important for brands to give back and to promote corporate philanthropy. Google executed this in a fantastic way by allowing people in the Bay Area cast their votes on issues they felt mattered the most to them. Google installed interactive posters across the Bay Area community and allowed people to touch the posters and vote for the cause. This experiential marketing campaign allowed people to interact with the Google brand in real-time and provided an experience for the customers, which they were passionate about. The campaign was very successful and generated over 400,000 votes over a 3-week period.

Check out the video and see the impact Google had on the local community:

If you would like to find out more information about event management for brand activations please email: or you can call us on 01 2011850 for more details.

Halloween Event Venues

Hosting a Halloween event is super exciting. However, it can be quite difficult trying to find an unique venue that will blow the guests away. Whatever the vision is for your Halloween event PLANIT can help you find a unique and quirky venue. Here is a list of the top 5 unique venues to hold a Halloween Event at:


Powerscourt Hotel/ Townhouse, Estate and Gardens is one of Ireland’s leading tourist attractions. It is located in Enniskerry, Co.Wicklow in the midst of beautifully landscaped gardens. Set against a stunning backdrop of the Sugarloaf Mountain. This venue provides that little bit extra for your Halloween Event and will allow the event to stand out from the crowd and make sure that it is a Halloween event to remember.


Kilkea Castle Hotel captures the mystical charm of the 12th Century majestic castle. It is a perfect venue for a corporate Halloween event or private Halloween party. The medieval feel of the venue will capture the attention of the guests. Kilkea Castle is classy and majestic. It will create an event experience like no other.

  1. CRYPT

The Crypt at Christ Church Cathedral is a venue that lies in the heart of Dublin city and will give your Halloween event the WOW factor. With a haunted Halloween transformation to the underground of this venue, it will be sure to make this Halloween event one to remember.


Vicar Street is an event venue which many of you may not think of for a Halloween event. With its standing capacity of 1500, it is perfect for a Halloween corporate event. It has hosted hundreds of memorable events, so this venue will definitely be able to cater for your Halloween event.


Thomas Prior Hall in partnership with Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge is one of the most unique venues Dublin has to offer. It is an 18th century hidden gem that will make your Halloween event stand out to your guests.

If you would like to find out more information about the event management we do for unique venues please email: or you can call us on 01 2011850 for more details.

PLANIT’s Wellness day 2017

“Did you know that the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion has defined workplace health promotion as the ”combined efforts of employers, employees and society to improve the health and well-being of people at work”? According to the National Workplace wellbeing organisation Ireland introducing mindfulness and wellness activities have huge positive result in the workplace including reduced stress, reduced absenteeism and improved morale to name just a few.

In PLANIT we are always looking for ways to bring our staff together and create a great atmosphere in the office. An initiative that we have just started and will continue to do during the year is our very own wellness day in the office. Having it in the office means that everyone will be able to attend and that the staff can still be productive around the activities.

We started off the day with a team breakfast in our conference area to start the day right. We had a selection of pastries, fruit skewers and freshly brewed coffee supplied by The Gourmet Food Parlour and a selection of fruit smoothies and juices.

Following on from our breakfast the lovely masseuse Wendy from Stress Less arrived to treat the team to half hour massages neck and shoulder massages. The great thing about this is it can be done in the office and the masseuse can bring all the equipment needed. Stress less mention that “Corporate chair massages have been proven to significantly relieve stress as well as helping to prevent work-related disorders such as Repetitive Strain Injury, reducing absenteeism and healthcare costs, while also improving employee morale, increasing productivity and efficiency and creating a more positive work environment”.

To finish off the day we had a selection of healthy gourmet sandwiches and wraps, vegetable soup also supplied for The Gourmet Food Parlour for lunch.

Overall the feedback from staff was very positive and one very important aspect of this wellness day was for staff to sit, bond and catch up. The office can get extremely busy with deadlines, events and deliveries and with one to two of the staff being out of the office daily doing these jobs it was treat to have everyone all together.

Groove Festival 2017

On the 19th and 20th of August, PLANIT had the pleasure of assisting the Paint Labs at the Groove Festival in Killruddery House and Gardens, sponsored by Energia.

It was two days of fun filled activities, including music, wellness and family fun. The Paint Labs got to paint and design hundreds of faces with glitter and body paint. Festival goers enjoyed the marbling body art and opted for many creative designs. From the UV raver to the jungle goddess to the avatar worshiper the Paint Labs was kept very busy. Gems, stars and shimmer were also options to decorate different parts of your body with. And if that wasn’t enough hair graffiti was also on offer. The Paint Labs had hair chalk and different coloured hair products to give festival goers the finishing touches to their look.

The Paint Labs had the pleasure of working on Carron Music (Mella and Maisy) who featured on the Sony Experience stage. The Paint Labs also glittered up the East Coast FM Staff and all the Groove Festival staff. Everyone really had the ‘G factor.’ The Paint Labs definitely brought the sparkle to the festival.

PLANIT loved working with the Paint Labs at this event. It was so much fun and we loved coming up with creative designs and looks for everyone at Groove.

If you would like to find out more information about the event management we do for the Paint Labs please email: or you can call us on 01 2011850 for more details.

Kuehne Nagel Summer Festival 2017

Case Study: Kuehne Nagel Summer Festival 2017

This year PLANIT Events had the pleasure of planning Kuehne Nagel’s summer festival party 2017. It was split into two summer events: one on the 19th of August and one on the 26th of August 2017. The first summer party took place in the Crowne Plaza Dublin with 155 adults and 120 children in attendance. The second summer party took place in Fota Island Resort in Cork with 160 adults and 100 children.


The Event Planning Activities

Both summer events were action packed with lots of activities for all who attended. There was a movie zone, where children watched movies and munched on freshly made popcorn from the popcorn machine. After all, no movie zone is complete without a popcorn machine. There was a Virtual Reality station that proved to be very popular with both children and adults. PLANIT offered two different virtual experiences. The first virtual experience was a flying experience and then a ninja moves experience. It was very entertaining to watch the attendees try and dodge anything that was virtually thrown at them. We also had a retro arcade games area with various games such as Pac Man and Mario Kart in them. Hook-a-duck was also super popular with the children where if they hooked a duck with the number four on it they won a prize. We also had a magician who was quite the trickster! As well as a Punch and Judy puppet show, and bouncy castles.

PLANIT has really realised how important well being is in our workplace and in the workplace of our clients. So this year we made sure that there was a wellbeing area included in the event planning for our attendees. The area had a manicurist station, a tarot card reader, festival style glitter and tattoos and a masseuse. We also had a rodeo and limbo challenge for the adults which brought a lot of laughter to the event.

The Event Style


The event was a summer festival party. The room was dressed with a blue back drop with a white cloud display. There were light and navy blue balloons on each table, sticking to the Kuehne Nagel brand colours. The festival theme was seen throughout the room where we had tables with fake grass and daisies on them. The catering was a beautiful BBQ with amazing salads and desserts to accompany them.


It was a fantastic 2 days with Kuehne Nagel and PLANIT can’t wait for next year already!


If you would like to find out more information about the event management we do for corporate events please email: or you can call us on 01 2011850 for more details.

A first timer’s guide to planning an Oktoberfest event

Oktoberfest takes place in September and finishes in October. It began in October 1810 to honor the wedding of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony- Hildburghausen. Oktoberfest is an event that is full of colourful costumes and atmosphere like no other!


What to Wear


Definitely try your best to dress like a local! Men usually wear a Lederhosen leather shorts with straps on them and women wear the traditional Dirndl dress. Be weary as there as there are certain ways to wear the bow. Wearing the bow on the right side means you are not single, wearing the bow on the left side means you are single and wearing the bow to the front means you are a virgin.


What to Eat & Drink


Beer is the main drink to drink at Oktoberfest. However, there are many other options served as well such as wine and coffee. From pretzels to bratwursts to pork to fish to cheese there is always plenty of food at an Oktoberfest celebration to enjoy. So don’t worry you wont be left hungry!!


How to decorate the event


Depending on the venue, it is important to try and re-create the Oktoberfest style as best as possible. Wooden long benches are a great idea when planning an event for a large corporate group. Dress the tables with white tablecloths and have lots of colourful balloons around the venue. Plan the event to take place in a tent or marquee if possible.


Oktoberfest is always a great theme for an event in September or October. PLANIT always have so much fun with our clients planning and styling an Oktoberfest event.


If you would like to find out more information about the event management we do for corporate events please email: or you can call us on 01 2011850 for more details.