PLANIT Event Management Company believes that office morale is so important in every workplace. Here are some tips on how to boost the office morale if your corporation or department is lacking in motivation.

1. Feedback

It is important to let your employees know how they are doing throughout the year. Providing positive and supportive feedback is important in order to keep their morale high. Feedback also allows for employees to work and improve their strengths and skills.

2. Employee Benefits

Offering benefits such as a gym membership, free breakfast, subsided lunches, free snacks (fresh fruits and healthy snack bars) or subsided travel expenses, allows an employee to stay motivated and happy in the workplace. After all happy employees = a successful workforce!

3. Teambuilding

A great way to boost the office morale in the workplace is to create or host a team building activity or day for your employees. Teambuilding exercises are a great way to improve the overall efficiency of your employees as well as allowing them to take their minds off things for a couple of hours and work together in various team based activities.

4. Morning Positivity

Positivity is the key to boosting the office morale. Therefore it is important that this positivity is there from the very second the employees step foot into the office. Playing or having an office morning chant song can allow employees to feel energized as well as creating a sense of community within the workplace.

5. Company Visions

It is important that employees know what they are working towards. Having positive quotes or visions around the walls in the office of what the company believes in or is working towards is a great way motivate employees and re-assure them what they can achieve.

6. Promotions

Promoting an existing employee from your team will keep employees motivated and allow them to stay far more committed if they know that there is opportunity to develop and advance their career within your organization. Co-workers will be incentivized to work harder.

7. Performance Appraisals

Rewards and recognition are another way to boost the morale of your employees. It allows employees to work towards achieving something and provides them with a sense of achievement when they win. Employee of the month or even the year is a great way to allow employees know that their hard work has paid off.

8. Office Parties

It is VERY important to celebrate holidays such as Christmas or birthdays to help build a strong work life balance relationship with employees. The event is always something for employees to look forward to and creates a sense of excitement around the office.

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