Previously, we provided some tips to help you kick off an employee wellness program within your company. Looking after the health and happiness of employees not only makes the working environment one everyone wants to be in, but it also ensures high levels of productivity and achievement, which is always good for company growth and progress.

But you shouldn’t simply focus on the program. A great way to boost involvement, and ensure that everyone is participating, is to host employee wellness days, or fairs, that are not only a little bit of time off from the daily hustle and bustle of work, but also gives everyone an opportunity to focus on their wellness, entrenching it further into company culture.

Here are some of our best tips for hosting an employee wellness event.

Plan Plan Plan

Just because it’s internal, and focusing on something many consider intangible, doesn’t mean that a wellness event needs less planning that any other event. If anything, this one requires just that little bit more attention, simply because we’re dealing with things like health and happiness, which looks different for everyone and needs to be handled tactfully. In this respect, you should use all the feedback and information you’ve received on your wellness program as a guide for how to proceed.

Get In Touch With Wellness Vendors

In this very specific instance, you should gather to yourself a pool of expertise that can offer employees and everyone participating in the event the right kind of advice and provide them with real, tried and tested solutions. There are many different companies out there that cater to all aspects of wellness, and inviting the right vendors to your event is crucial to ensuring that everyone has a good, valuable time.

Handle Your Decisions Thoughtfully

When planning a wellness event, you want to pay extra attention to decisions like when you host the event, where you decide to host it, and what you want to achieve with it. All of these decisions factor into how people will be feeling on the day — so you don’t want to pick a day when people are not feeling particularly up to socialising (a Monday, for example), or host your event in a space that isn’t conducive to a good mood and a smile. Which is, after all, your focus.

Make It Interactive

Not only do you want to make your event worth company time, you also want to make it worth everyone’s time. Which means that you don’t want people to be bored, or disengaged throughout your event. Ensure that the activities you have planned encourage people to interact, not only with their own wellness, but also with each other. Employees should also enjoy the event — activities should be engaging, stimulating, and fun, and not simply an extension of the standard work day.

Incentivise Everyone

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean paying folks to be healthy. But everyone likes to know they’re going to be rewarded for their work, in whatever capacity they are providing it. Prizes are a perfect way to fulfill this desire — particularly if the prices are specifically tailored to encourage physical, emotional, or mental wellness. Raffle, anyone?

Finally, Thank All Involved

This is also not just restricted to the people who assisted with the planning — though they deserve much, much gratitude because planning any kind of event is a huge amount of work. But it’s also important to recognise the participation and efforts of all the employees who have taken part in the wellness program, and made steady gains in their health and happiness! So, when everything has come to a close, be sure to thank everyone for contributing to the growing wellness culture within your company.

When it comes to event planning, the stakes are high. Make sure your events are handled by the professionals. We have extensive experience in planning and managing events that go off without a hitch. Send an enquiry, or reach out on Facebook or Twitter.