Venue Information
Information on your website would save event planners a lot of time and effort with emails and phone calls if the information about the venue was easily accessed via the website. Event planners are busy people and sometimes waiting for emails back can cause you to loose out to another venue, if emails are not sent back on time.
Know Your Venue
It is crucial for an events manager to know the ins and outs of the hotel or the events space they are in charge of. Many times the capacity is falsely told. If a room can only fit 100 people max, don’t say it can fit 120. Those extra 20 people can make a massive difference to an event and can make it very tight for other guests.

Services & Amenities
You want your venue to be the one that event planners chose over your competitors- so sell it with all it has to offer! Go above and beyond to showcase all that your venue has to offer- does it have chairs, tables and linens you can use? Does it have AV capabilities? Does it have free parking? These simple things can really make a difference for event planners when it comes to choosing a venue.

Keep it Clean!!!

Keeping a venue clean is something that many hotels and event spaces fail to do nowadays. This can be a make or break for an event planner if he or she is inspecting the site for a potential event and the place is dirty. Go that extra mile to make sure that places that need mending are fixed and places that need to be cleaned are!

Social Media

Choose your social media channels wisely to market your venue. One feature that event planners love to see is videos of previous events and how the finished event look. These videos can be shared on Instagram, Facebook Twitter and your website. Videos give event planners a virtual tour of the venue and allow them to see it at a prime time.