Nowadays there is a significant amount of stress put on individuals in the workplace. Corporate environments move at a very fast pace, leaving many individuals stressed and flustered with trying to reach targets and deadlines.

Here are some tips that PLANIT recommends you to use:

Find Your Stress Triggers

Stress can lead to many problems such as anxiety or depression. It is important that you identify specific stress triggers that affect you personally. By identifying these triggers early on, methods can then be used to prevent these stress triggers arising in the future.


GET OFF YOUR PHONE!! Give yourself a digital detox for at least 10-20 minutes a day. Don’t worry your messages emails and calls can all wait. It is important to do this, so that you allow yourself to mentally unplug from these things and focus on the important things around you such as relationships, family or yourself.


One of the biggest causes of stress is that people don’t find an activity or hobby to take their mind off things 3 to 4 times a week. Exercising for at least 45 minutes a day is so important. It can be anything from kickboxing to running to walking to Pilates, as long as it suits you and allows you to de-stress for an hour or so.


Mindfulness in the workplace is so important. Meditating for 10 minutes each day allows you to unwind and focus on your breathing. Apps such as Headspace are a great meditating app that allows you to follow the instructions and focus for the allocated amount of time.

Eating Habits

This may be a little more obvious than the others but monitoring what you eat and making sure that you eat well is one of the keys to having a positive mind frame in the workplace. Another tip is to NOT eat at your desk. Many people have resorted to eating breakfast or lunch at their desk while they work. This is a big no no and will only result in poor eating habits, leading to a negative mindset.

At PLANIT mindfulness is so important for us as an event management team and it should be for you!! So use our tips and de-stress your way to a better work life.

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