When you’re planning an event, and it’s not for a handful of your dearly beloveds, creating an impact is altogether a different kettle of fish. When you’re organising a corporate event for two hundred of your peers and professional colleagues, creating meaning and a long-lasting memory. There a number of focal things you can do to ensure that all your guests leave with a smile on their faces (and that they come to your next event!).

Harness The Internet

To make sure your event is a memorable success, you need to start early. One of the ways to ensure that everyone knows to pop by is to harness the power of social media. It’s the perfect platform for you to create awareness around your event, inspiring interest and attention. This can be done on multiple channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also use a number of different mediums, from simple text, to images and videos. Facebook is also particularly useful in this case, because you can use the event organisation function to increase the reach of your efforts, and to provide a way of keeping track of who is coming and who isn’t, and to update all the attendees on any developments or changes.

Once the big night arrives, social media is also a great way to share with your industry (and the world at large). You can take pictures, upload videos, and immortalise the night’s best moments on the internet. The great thing about this is that it extends your event long past its actual end — after all, a retweet is timeless.

Make A Good First Impression

Everyone has been told, at some point, that first impressions don’t count. And that’s mostly true, except for those moments when they absolutely do. When you’re organizing  corporate event, you better believe that first impressions can make or break your guests’ experience. Which means you should be pulling out as many of the stops as you can when your guests arrive. That includes ensuring they have someone to greet them, are offered some form of refreshment, and can easily access a member of staff should they have any requests.

Strike The Right Decor Balance

When hosting a professional event, there’s not that much wriggle-room. Every single element of the event will be under scrutiny and appraisal, which means that you definitely want to be sending the right message with your decor and the venue you choose. This means understanding exactly why the event is being put together, and what the overall objectives of the host are. It’s also about knowing the guest list, and the tastes and aesthetic preferences of those who are attending, and ensuring you strike the right balance between what the guest wants to see, and what the host wants to see. Always remember you want to create an event that is professional, elegant, and slick, while at the same time seem welcoming, warm, and absent the very specific formality of the work environment.

Be Realistic With Budget & Resources

There are those events that are memorable for all the wrong reasons — malfunctioning tech, dwindling refreshments and snacks, a boring host, and bland decoration. Take your needs and requirements into consideration when you’re budgeting, and ensure that you are realistic about your figures and quotes. A well-run, well-executed event definitely enhances the quality of the experience, and is one thing that truly sticks out to guests, so ensure you are realistic about what you can deliver, and what you want to provide.

Thank Your Guests

And by this, we don’t mean at the end of the event, though you should do that as well. But a good idea is to get in touch with your guests a few days after the event, and thank them for their attendance. If there are pictures from the evening, then it is a good idea to provide those as well. Not only is this just good form, but it will also reignite memories of the event once it’s over, reminding the of their experience which, if you have followed all the tips above, will be well worth remembering!

When it comes to event planning, the stakes are high. Make sure your events are handled by the professionals. We have extensive experience in planning and managing events that go off without a hitch. Send an enquiry, or reach out on Facebook or Twitter.