Planning a summer corporate event can be quite a difficult task to do. Event management for large companies is something that we here at PLANIT specialize in. Coming up with new and innovative ideas is something that excites us.

Here are some event ideas for throwing a summer corporate event:

1. Mini Outdoor Concert

Dance like nobody’s watching! Yes you heard us. Throwing a mini outdoor concert for your staff or clients is a fun and creative way for everyone to enjoy themselves. Let them dance the night away to music from different eras or different genres such as hip-hop, rock or country. Theming the corporate event concert is always a good idea such as doing a Glastonbury like theme or Body and Soul like theme.

2. Old School Sports Day

This summer corporate event idea is a true test to see who really is the office ‘team player.’ Random team selection is always the best idea to allow for fare and even teams. Set up different stations with various different sports at each one. The stations can vary from egg and spoon to wheelbarrow race to tag rugby tournament. There are endless amounts of ideas that you can use for your Corporate Summer Sports Day, so what are you waiting for? Ready, set, go!!

3. BBQ or Picnic

Food glorious food! Throw a summer corporate barbeque or picnic this summer. Have large rugs or blankets placed in a open park, along with some casual food stations such as a hog roast. This is a great idea for clients or employees to sit back and relax and enjoy a relaxed day or evening.

4. Summer Cocktail Party

Who doesn’t love a berrytastic cocktail? Throw a fancy summer cocktail party. This idea is always a great hit with clients or employees and enables them to kick the summer evening off with a bang. Have a range of different alcoholic and non-alcoholic stations such as a flavored water station or a gin and vodka station. These stations can cater to everyone’s likes and dislikes, allowing everyone to enjoy their night.

5. Street Food Event

Nowadays, street food trucks are everywhere. Throwing a summer street food event is a great idea to bring the whole office together. Different food trucks featuring different cuisines always goes down like a treat with everyone as it allows them to have a taste of numerous dishes at your corporate event.

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