Planning the perfect corporate event can be difficult. Here are PLANITs 5 steps to ensuring you have a successful event.

1. Strategic Location

Location, location, location! Having a strategic location for your corporate event is a must and will be a key factor in determining the success of your event. Public transport links to the Luas, DART and bus are ways to increase turnout for your event. It is also important that the location has some sort of parking for attendees who drive.

2. Unique Venue

Although location is very important, it goes without saying that a choosing the right venue is equally important. Make sure and research the venue thoroughly and arrange a site visit to see it at least 3 times before your event. Think outside the box when it comes to choosing your venue, event attendees will love something they aren’t expecting!

3. Enhancing the Employee/ Attendee Experience

It is crucial that everyone at your event is enjoys themselves. It may sound like a simple recommendation but nowadays people expect a lot more. So make sure your event captures their attention and is something fun that they experience. The event should engage with each person’s five senses to allow it to be successful.

4. Making Memories

Nowadays social media is everywhere. Make sure your employees or event attendees are interacting with you on all forms of social media. On the day of the event have an on site photographer taking photos as well as someone who is videoing the event. This unique idea allows for the event to be remembered by everyone but will also increase awareness about your event.

5. Follow Up

It is important to make sure your guests had a great time. PLANIT events recommends that your follow up afterwards with the event attendees or event host. By doing this you can get a real feel for how successful the event actually was. It also allows you to improve your corporate event for the next time.

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